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102 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City


8:00AM (English) | 10:00AM (English) | 2:00PM (Tagalog) | 4:30PM (Tagalog - English)


6:30PM (Tagalog - English)


6:30PM (English)

Give More, Expect Less

Video | Bro. Willie Marcos

Bro. Willie Marcos | 4:30 PM Sunday Service | "The main reason why a father's task is no less than a mother's–it is also the toughest job in the world–is because it never ends."

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Man of God

Video | Word for the World

Bro. Patrick Lee | 8:00 AM Sunday Service | "Real men will take a stand... but true and real men will kneel and pray."

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