The Christian Education Ministry (CE) of Word for the World Christian Fellowship (WWCF) has recently concluded its Christian Foundation (CF) and Building Up (BU) training programs for 2019. These ran for five months with weekly sessions composed of different modules geared towards foundational learning to deeper understanding of Christian faith and doctrines.

The graduation ceremonies were held last October 27, 2019 at the WWCF Chapel where fifty-nine graduates received their certificates of completion and were conferred recognition and appreciation for their efforts, patience, endurance, and tenacity to finish the modules faithfully. The celebration was attended by the graduates, their families, CE teachers and workers, WWCF Pastors, and church elders who shared the tasks of handling some of the lessons within the modules. 

According to Sister Ched Suarez, Head of the CE Ministry, the program “was formed to cater to the needs of new believers, worshippers from WWCF congregational services, ministry workers, and individuals who have the desire to know the basic foundation of the Christian faith, its doctrines, and progressing to lessons on Christian living.” 

The CF curriculum includes modules that address basic Christian doctrines such as salvation, repentance, faith, prayer, the Bible, worship, the triune God, water baptism, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It also includes teachings on trials and temptations, financial stewardship, soul-winning, loving God and neighbors, and the history, mission, and vision of WWCF.

CE Graduation - BU

CE Building Up Graduates and Teachers

The BU curriculum, on the other hand, leads students to a more profound appreciation of faith doctrines and a walkthrough of the Old and New Testaments. It includes deeper treatments of the resurrection, the trinity, holiness, servanthood, and fasting. It also covers Old Testament and New Testaments surveys, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, divine healing, and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

CE Graduation - CF

CE Christian Foundation Graduates and Teachers

The ministry currently has 22 workers, who were themselves once graduates of CE but have been called to serve God in the area of providing Christian education to believers. Each year, the curriculum continues to be expanded and enhanced to cater to the learning needs of WWCF. The next batch will be open for enrolment in 2020. Everyone in Word for the World Christian Education is enjoined to take advantage of this opportunity and register early.

CE Grad

CE Grad

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