Ephesians 6:10-18

As the Apostle Paul was closing out his letter to the church at Ephesus he wanted to make sure the people of the church knew that they were in constant warfare.  Their enemy never lets up on his attacks.  He uses fallen angels called demons.  He uses worldly attractions to pull them away from the Lord.  He uses sickness, pain, and various tragedies to get us to question the love of God and His concern for us.

Starting with the 10th verse of this chapter he admonishes them to do two things:  (1)  Be strong in the Lord and draw strength from His mighty power;  (2)  Put on the FULL armor of God.  The reason is obvious.  So that you can stand when Satan attacks in whatever form it takes.

Trying to take a stand against a powerful enemy like the devil is foolish.  We are not strong enough without God.  We need a constant infusion of the Holy Spirit’s power to stand. Satan is devious.  He has thousands of demons at his disposal to attack whenever and wherever we may be. 

Read carefully these 9 verses.  They will serve you well in your walk with the Lord.  God’s mighty power and His armor will keep you moving on with the Lord growing stronger each day.

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