THE SOURCE OF EVIL: I think we as Christians know the answer to this source. But knowing the answer does not help.

Something to remember: EVIL IS ACTIVE - SUFFERING IS PASSIVE. Evil comes in so many different ways that it eventually comes to us whether we have caused it or not. Evil is active and will search you out.

Suffering then becomes our problem with a hundred questions as to why we are suffering. Why me? Where's God? How can I endure this? I do wish we where kept from suffering since we are children of God. And, of course, God is always with us to help us.

The pain of the nights will come to an end and the morning will bring deliverance. Stay as close to God as you possible can with a prayer on your lips - constantly. His strength will always be your way of relief.

God bless you dear ones who are suffering. It will come to an end.

Evil will have to go.

Word for the World

Word for the World has started more than 300 churches throughout the Philippines and the world. We continue to fulfil our prophetic name, with fellowships established throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and even the U.S. Truly, we are bringing God’s Word to His World.

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