It would be worth your time to read Matthew 24.  It is Jesus talking to His disciples about the last days.  One reading would be good but reading it several times would be better. In the chapter He talks about some of the things we can expect to happen in the days before He returns to set up His kingdom.  

One subject dominates the chapter.  It is several warnings about being deceived in the end.  The deception will come in various forms and in many surprising ways.  Let me list a few of them:

1.  Verse 4 He simply warns about being deceived.
2.  Verse 5 how the deception will come.
3.  Verse 10 tells us many will turn away from
      the faith.
4.  Verse 11 tells us of false prophets who succeed in deceiving people.
5.  Verse 23 warns of false christs.
6.  Verse 24 again warns us of false prophets.
7.  Verse 24 warns of the false prophets powers
      that will cause deception.

The offensive weapon we must  hold to is the Word of God.  It must be a daily weapon against deceptions that will be stronger than we can imagine in the last days.  The Bible is the only weapon of absolute truth.  Keep it near.  Read it daily.  Memorize what you can. Don’t be deceived by false prophets and their teachings.  

Know your Bible.

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