Matthew 4:4

How long do you think you could last physically if you decided for some reason that you were not going to eat physical food any longer?  Of course, it is a silly thought.  Who would even give it a thought?  Daily food is simply a natural part of every day life.

But let me ask you a much harder question: How long do you think your spirit, that connects you with God, will last if you neglect the spiritual food of God’s word? Just as the physical part of us would slowly die away, so would your spiritual connection to God die.

Being born again is a new life for those who accept Jesus as Christ.  We come alive spiritually.  It is a wonderful connection that bring us back to God out of our world of sin. That new spiritual life in God must be maintained and spiritually fed on a daily basis. The word of God, as Jesus declared to Satan in the Matthew 4:4 passage, is the food that we need daily.  If the devil can convince us that it is not important, then he will succeed in keeping us weak spiritually and unable to win the daily temptations that Satan brings against us. 

Day after day we will fail because of our spiritual weakness.Please, child of God, don’t neglect the Word you need to keep you strong and in a right relationship with your Lord.  His Word serves that purpose. 

It will keep you strong. READ IT DAILY!

Word for the World

Word for the World has started more than 300 churches throughout the Philippines and the world. We continue to fulfil our prophetic name, with fellowships established throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and even the U.S. Truly, we are bringing God’s Word to His World.

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