2 Peter 1:4

"The nature of God is one of Love. It involves kindness, goodness, generosity, compassion. All of

these natural attributes of God are difficult for man. We try our best as God's children but we often

struggle to be kind when we should. Or to be generous when we could. Our human weakness is

always a problem for us. I am reminded of Paul saying, "For I have the desire to do what is good

but I cannot carry it out." ( Romans 7:18)

However, Peter tells us that there is a way for us participate in God's nature that will enable us to

do good when we should. And to be kind and generous often. He tells us that through the promises

of God and our obedience to Him the divine nature can be seen in our character.

We will never love, be kind, compassionate and caring as we should without God helping us.

Peter informs us that we can be that kind of person by becoming a part of God's divine nature.

God wants to share Himself with us and enable us to always represent Him well in all of these areas.

He dwells in us and we can be representatives of His divine nature.

Word for the World

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