‘If your family were all getting into a van and you had five kids. Everybody is in, but your two-year old wasn’t in the van and was still in the house, and you just say, “It’s okay. Let’s go anyway.” That would be crazy! You know that you need to get that kid in the van. You’re all going together! Listen. There’s a child who is not in the church van… it’s Israel. And we just can’t keep on moving on with our church services without a burden—the way that the Messiah wept. If it’s not in our hearts, I want to encourage you to pray, “Lord, I want to feel for Israel the way you feel for Israel.”’ — Pastor Scott Volk at the Tuesday Night Study at WWCF Sanctuary on August 29, 2017.

Bro. Aljur Bufete

2PM Service

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