These are two simple words Jesus used to start a three-year ministry.  Whether they were a command or an invitation, those He spoke to dropped everything and began to follow Him.  There is no indication that He told them where they were going or what they were going to do.  Peter and his brother Andrew had a business and it seems they merely walked away from it to follow Him.  James and John also had their business and did the same.  Matthew/Levi had a very lucrative business and walked away.

One by one, having a voice that must have had a specialness about it, they left everything and began a journey to follow that voice.  From village to village they walked.  Never seeming to stay in any one place very long they followed the voice.

Jesus seems to have given very little information as they followed Him, until late in the three years He began to talk about the journey ending for Him but would continue for them.  His three years would end in Jerusalem where He would die and they would be scattered.

His plans all came together on the Day of Pentecost when the New Testament church would march in a harvest field.  It was then  the full understanding of “Follow Me” came into its fullness. 

He still calls today.  Follow Me!  What will you do?

Word for the World

Word for the World has started more than 300 churches throughout the Philippines and the world. We continue to fulfil our prophetic name, with fellowships established throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and even the U.S. Truly, we are bringing God’s Word to His World.

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