When I consider this sin I can’t help but think it must be the most evil of sins in the eyes of God. All of us know we are all, without exception, made in the image of God.  I confess to you that I can not understand why God did such a precious thing.  But He did and we all are blessed by this act.

This, of course, is what makes abortion/murder such a grievous sin.  When you take someone’s life you are destroying the image of God in that person.  The immediate conception of a new life bears the image of God.  There is not a lapse of time but is immediate upon the seed of the man with his wife’s seed.  The image of God has come into existence immediately.

The right of a woman is the claim that is made by those who support abortion.  They will say that as long as that baby is in her, she has the right to murder it. She takes the place of God, the only life giver.

The woman is also emboldened by the law of the land.  The law permits her to have an abortion so she proceeds no matter how many months she may have carried the precious life.  The law of the land says it is ok, so she feels no guilt.

I am not sure how man is going to be judged by God for this most heinous sin, but judgement will come.  You can not willfully take the life of someone who has been created in the image of God and not be judged by the Creator of man.  God help the person who will have to stand before God and give an answer.  

Hebrews 10:31  “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

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