Three simple words that came from our Lord that applies to all of us.  It is hard to even explain what worry is all about.  Every person has their own definition.  But the fact that Jesus gave so much  attention to this subject in His sermon on the mount lets us know it is a common problem whether one is a Christian or not.  

Some of us wake up and begin our day worrying.  Some pick it up as they wander through the day. Others seem to have no worries, although we wonder if that is true.

In Jesus' teaching, He specifies things that we worry about.  He first talks about those who worry about their life in general (v25).  Others worry about what they are going to eat. Others worry about their bodies, about food in general, about their clothes, about where they are going to sleep.

Worry can and does paralyze some people.  It is an everyday plague for them.  However, Jesus says that this is not the way a Christian should live.  This is the way pagans live and rightly so for they have no hope.

Jesus further remainds us that if we keep our priorities in order there is no reason why we should worry.  In His own words, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the things will be given to you.”

Please do not weary yourself day after day worrying about what God has promised to provide.

Word for the World

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