A cut flower can be beautiful for a period of time. But since it has been cut from its roots its beauty will soon fade away. 

I have a personal concern that the church today is becoming more a cut flower church that has been cut from its roots. Either deliberately or from outside worldly pressure it begins to lose its foundational beliefs: More entertainment than spirit-inspired worship; more philosophy that replaces solid Bible teaching and preaching; more socializing than deep spirit-filled fellowship where we ministeer to each other deeply; significant prayer being replaced by rituals and empty ceremonies. 

Our roots are slowly being cut and we try to maintain the beauty of God's church but slowly fade into a worldly display that has no spiritual significance.

Word for the World

Word for the World has started more than 300 churches throughout the Philippines and the world. We continue to fulfil our prophetic name, with fellowships established throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and even the U.S. Truly, we are bringing God’s Word to His World.

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