Karunungan at Katapatan

Video | Pastor Edjie Tolo

Bro. Edjie Tolo | "Ang isa sa mga elementong magbibigay sa atin ng higit na katatagan ay hindi lamang ang karunungan kundi ang desisyon na maging tapat. Katapatan."

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Be Careful to Live Wisely

Video | Pastor Jason Foenander

Bro. Jason Foenander | 10AM Sunday Service | We don’t know how long we will live. That’s up to God. But we have a choice how well we live the life we have with minimal regrets. What does it mean to live wisely?

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Upholding the Truth

Video | Pastor Raymund Ladao

Bro Raymund Ladao | 4:30 PM Sunday Service | “We have the responsibility not just to walk in the truth but to protect the truth… mahihirapan tayo to protect the truth if we don’t know the truth.”

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Give More, Expect Less

Video | Bro. Willie Marcos

Bro. Willie Marcos | 4:30 PM Sunday Service | "The main reason why a father's task is no less than a mother's–it is also the toughest job in the world–is because it never ends."

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