As It Was in the Days of Noah

Video | Pastor Gerry Holloway

Bro. Gerry Holloway | 10 AM Sunday Service | "Sin is progressive. A small amount of sin will never stay small. Sin will always take control of us. Sin will make a slave out of us. Sin will put us into bondage."

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Wisdom When God is Silent

Video | Pastor Raymund Ladao

Bro. Raymund Ladao | 4:30 PM Sunday Service | “When God is silent look up, go back to the creation, God is faithful, God is consistent, God is powerful….”

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Our Blessed Hope in Jesus Christ

Video | Bro. Bryan Uy

Bro. Bryan Uy | 8AM Sunday Service | “Do not grow tired. Preach God’s Word. You’re ridiculed? Preach it! No one listens to you? Preach it! Our work will be tested by fire. We have a job to do.”

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