Boldness to Witness

Video | Pastor Michael Shreve

Pastor Michael Shreve | 10 AM Sunday Service | "I don't think God called us to live ordinary lives. Now we’re very ordinary people, and that’s okay. But God called us to be bold, and boldness starts on the inside."

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Inclination Towards Evil

Video | Pastor Gerry Holloway

Pastor Gerry Holloway | 8 AM Sunday Service | “I don’t think anyone of us here today would want to cause our Lord to have pain… and yet we know ourselves. And we know how strong at times temptations can become… temptation is all around."

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The Passing and the Abiding

Video | Word for the World

Bro. Jayjay Tee | 4:30 PM Sunday Service | "Kapag ang isa tao ay nare-realize niya at nalalaman niya na bilang ang kaniyang araw,... it will teach us to be wise and to remember our Creator in the days of our youth, to give thanks in everything..."

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Pangangailangan Ng Nangangailangan

Video | Pastor Raul Masindo

Bro. Raul Masindo | 2 PM Tagalog Service | "Hindi ka makakaranas ng kapunuan, hindi ka makakaranas ng kabusugan, hindi ka makakaranas ng totoong pangangailangan na matutugunan maliban na ito ay matagpuan mo walang iba kundi sa ating Panginoon."

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Job 2:10

Video | Bro. Josed Oca

Bro. Josed Oca | 8AM Sunday Service | Most of the time, when we pray that God would change a person who has offended us, what God really wants is for us to be the one to change. Because if we change, then that person will also change.

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James 1:2

Video | Pastor Raymund Ladao

Bro. Raymund Ladao | 4:30 PM Sunday Service | “We believe that Jesus is the Healer. But Jesus is also a wounded Healer. He is the epitome ng kagalingan ngunit nakaranas rin Siya ng sakit at karamdaman to the point that nasasaktan din Siya."

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The Man You Ought to Be

Video | Pastor Gerry Holloway

Bro. Gerry Holloway | 10 AM Sunday Service | “God is looking for Noah. He was looking for people who are living holy life, spotless life, clean life, separated from the world and its contamination and its sin."

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