Carefully reading Matthew 24 and lifting my eyes to the world's developing system I see the hand of Satan and his demonic forces at work. The anti-christ's stage is quickly being set. 

Note carefully the movements of the world known religious leader called the Pope. Watch Christian persecution becoming fully accepted and expected because of their nonconformity to the ways of a Christ-rejecting world. Watch political leaders, obsessed with a desire for power, making plans to take control. 

One world government, one world economy, one world religion is in the making. The speed that it is happening is frightening. If you ever walked daily with Christ you need to be doing that today. 

The game of playing religiously with your soul is more dangerous than ever. Christ's coming is near.

Word for the World

Word for the World has started more than 300 churches throughout the Philippines and the world. We continue to fulfil our prophetic name, with fellowships established throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and even the U.S. Truly, we are bringing God’s Word to His World.

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