Espiritu Ng Karunungan

Video | Pastor Edjie Tolo

Bro. Edjie Tolo | 2PM Sunday Service |"Dakila ang Diyos. Binigyan Niya tayo ng Kaniyang Espiritu. May bah agi Siya sa atina pagkatao. Kaya tayo kamukha ng Diyos, kaya tayo anak ng Diyos, kasi nasa atin ang Kaniyang Esipiritu."

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As It Was in the Days of Noah

Video | Pastor Gerry Holloway

Bro. Gerry Holloway | 10 AM Sunday Service | "Sin is progressive. A small amount of sin will never stay small. Sin will always take control of us. Sin will make a slave out of us. Sin will put us into bondage."

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Our Blessed Hope in Jesus Christ

Video | Bro. Bryan Uy

Bro. Bryan Uy | 8AM Sunday Service | “Do not grow tired. Preach God’s Word. You’re ridiculed? Preach it! No one listens to you? Preach it! Our work will be tested by fire. We have a job to do.”

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