Ang Magagalak na Humahapis

Video | Pastor Edjie Tolo

Bro. Edjie Tolo | 2PM Sunday Service |"Anong klaseng Kristiyano tayo? Kristiyano ba tayo na palamuti sa simbahan? Kristiyano ba tayo na Kristiyano lang kapag maganda ang araw, pero pag bagyo hindi na tayo Kristiyano?"

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Can I Be That Man?

Video | Pastor Gerry Holloway

Bro. Gerry Holloway | 10 AM Sunday Service | Are we bold enough? Are we strong enough in our relationship with God? Are we filled to capacity with the Holy Spirit to the point where we could stand boldly even though all around us there may be evil...

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Freedom from Yoke

Video | Bro. Digs Jarin

Bro. Alex Guimiran | 4:30 PM Sunday Service | "If we stay steadfast in our relationship with God, He will continually work in our lives to renew us and rid ourselves of the stains of sin that may continually plague us."

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Video | Bro. Aljur Bufete

Bro. Alejo Bufete | 2 PM Sunday Service | "Pag may naka-offend sa atin, patawarin natin kaagad...dahil pinatawad na din tayo ng Diyos..."

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Power to Produce Godly Life

Video | Pastor Jason Foenander

Bro. Jason Foenander | 10 AM Sunday Service | “Christ died and rose again to deliver us from the power of sin that once held us in bondage. He freed us so that we can live a godly life.”

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Psalm 91

Video | Pastor Raymund Ladao

Bro. Raymund Ladao | 4:30 PM Sunday Service | “The devil and the demons will create an attack to the point na pag di mo alam akala mo na ito ay atake galing kung kanino pero it’s an attack from the evil one.”

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