The Problem of Pain

Video | Pastor Gerry Holloway

A throwback sermon video from October 8, 2012 by Pastor Gerry Holloway on the problem of pain and the Christian's attitude toward it based on the Book of Job.

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Can You Be Gay and Christian?

Video | Bro. Peter Kairuz

Dr. Michael Brown | Aug 27, 2017 | 'I just want you to know, first-hand, I know plenty of people who are former homosexuals. They are free, they are following Jesus, many of them married, bearing much much fruit for the Lord.'

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Jonah 2

Video | Pastor Jason Foenander

| Sunday Sermon | Bro. Jason Foenander | "Jesus did not rebel like Jonah but He died for our rebellion and was raised to life by God for the salvation of all who believe and repent."

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Video | Pastor Edjie Tolo

| Bro. Edjie Tolo | "Ang tunay na pagsisisi nababago ng ugali, ang tunay na pagsisisi hindi lang sa labi. Ang tunay na pagsisisi kasama ang puso at kaluluwa. Ang tunay na pagsisisi, ibinabalik sa Diyos ang nararapat, Ang tunay na Pagsamba!"

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