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Nehemiah was praying and confessing the sins of his people the Israelites. Their sins had caused the destruction of the city of Jerusalem, but more importantly, the temple and all that was sacred. He refers to the laws God had given to Moses, which they continually ignored and lived in the “Promised Land” as if God did not care. 

The phrase he uses describes how they treated the law of God and, subsequently, God Himself. They put His law behind them and lived in the freedom of sin. The description is just as true today as it was then. Many know the law of God and how He desires for us to live, but we choose to put it behind us and move into our daily world as if He does not care and that His law does not exist. We put His law behind our backs.

The law of God and what He desires of us is always there. It may be at our back but it never goes away, and one day that law will be moved before us in judgment and we cannot ignore it. Judgment always comes sooner or later. We may put it behind us today, but tomorrow it will appear to condemn us for our foolish actions against His law.

Please keep the law of God and His desire for holy living ever before you and live by it. Judgment day then will hold no fear for you.

Pastor Gerry Holloway

Pastor Gerald Holloway is the Senior Pastor of Word for the World Christian Fellowship.

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