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These two words express the challenge which is before us a church. We can all do both. This last Sunday, we answered the first of the calls. We rose to the task before us and now we must embrace the second call to build. Together as one great force of God, we will build. It will not be an ordinary place of secular building, but it will be a place where God’s people will gather to lift up His name in praise, honor, and worship. People from all around will know that the building is special. They will hear the praise of God being lifted to the sky. They will hear the voices of what will sound like angels singing. The voice of men of God will be heard coming from the altars.

God bless you for what you have given and have pledged to give but please, please understand this is a huge task before us. Sacrifices will be needed. Giving more than we thought we could give will be needed. Together we will be one as never before.

RISE AND BUILD is the trumpet call, and we will respond. Today let us listen to the trumpet call of God and us let all march forward with our gifts to finish the task.


Pastor Gerry Holloway

Pastor Gerald Holloway is the Senior Pastor of Word for the World Christian Fellowship.

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