Elizabeth Beatrice Hill Holloway
March 2, 1924 - April 26, 2017

My mother’s name is Elizabeth. I named my first daughter Elizabeth. Mom is 77, I talk to her daily and the conversation always centers around the question “When are you coming home?” It is a question a mother’s love will always ask. However, when just an infant Mom gave me back to God and she understands God’s calling on her son’s life. The will of God for her son is more important than her longing to see me.

Undergirding my life as a missionary for 32 years had been her daily prayer. God listens to a mother’s prayer, for her child. Mom tells everyone who will listen to her about her son who is a missionary. She asks for support. Sher has rummage sales. She lets no one forget. She is far from me today and yet so near. Each time I walk to a pulpit to preach she is with me. Over the years I have shed a thousand tears because of not being near enough to see her. I call from time to time and she is sometimes sick and I put down the phone with a heavy heart.

She is my mom. She molded me as God guided her to become what God called me to be – a missionary. God called but it was Mom who was the influence that caused me to say “yes” to the Lord.

I said “yes” knowing I would be separated from Mom most of my missionary life. In my humanity I rebelled against it, but when Jesus became my Lord I died to self and have lived under His Lordship.

I will have an eternity with Mom. Her reward will be greater than mine because she is my mother and I love her dearly.

Written by Pastor Gerry Holloway
on May 13, 2001

Pastor Gerry Holloway

Pastor Gerald Holloway is the Senior Pastor of Word for the World Christian Fellowship.

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