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The pressure to stand up for God and to represent Him as the holy God that He is, is enormous. The pressure to resist subtle temptations of the world is often totally overlooked. Often we do not see them as temptations and see them merely as tolerating small deviations from our Christian walk. These small seemingly insignificant deviations from the walk of holiness that God asks of us don't seem to be noticed.

However, no matter how small we deviate to what we know is wrong, it does affect our spiritual lives. The eagerness we once had seems to slip away. Desires to live holy weakens. Prayer starts losing its fervency. The world becomes more attractive. Love for what the world offers starts taking the place of what God desires for us. Soon, the distance between ourselves and God is unnoticeable. The extremely dangerous effects of lukewarmness become our normal way of life. We walk on and become more and more alone in our walk. Before we know it, what we once had in a relationship with God is gone. We feel less and less spiritual and more and more attracted to the world.

God help us!!

Pastor Gerry Holloway

Pastor Gerald Holloway is the Senior Pastor of Word for the World Christian Fellowship.

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